During this time, it’s important to keep both your body and mind healthy. I am happy because the PR teams that represent great wines and spirits are really pulling some incredible things together! It’s hard for brands to promote themselves during a pandemic when they had media tastings and tours planned. Thanks to the amazing marketing and public relations teams, because they’re doing some really creative things to keep Somm’s like myself tasting and up to date!

Image via The Glendronachdistillery.com

I recently went on Zoom with The Glendronach Distillery, located deep in the Valley of Forge, in the East Highland Hills. It’s one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland and has been creating sherried single malts for 200 years. The house style is heavy, robust spirits that sit perfectly well in a sherry cask for long periods of time. The casks they use are some of the finest Spanish Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks from Andalucía, which produce those beautiful dark colors and rich flavors you find in their collection. I had the pleasure to be on camera with New York Brand Ambassador, Greg King where we enjoyed the Glendronach 12 and 18 paired with a three-course dinner from Dante, NYC!

We started with the Glendronach 12 paired with a selection of cheeses. I really enjoyed the creamy vanilla and spiced pear in the whisky, which paired beautifully with some blue cheese. The palate is beautiful with notes of raisins, spice, and a sherry-like sweetness. Alongside the cheese, we also had Steak with Potato Gratin, which was out of this world with the 12! The creamy vanilla notes really paired nicely with the potato, and the steak, well that always pairs well with a beautiful spirit like this one.

Up after it was the Glendronach 18 which is bold and expresses notes of fruit jam, chocolate, and some cherry. It’s dark, rich, and alluring with nice spice and walnut flavors. When paired with the creamier cheeses, this whisky was wonderful, but when I tasted it with the steak it was absolute heaven. The 18 has an incredibly long finish, so I was also able to enjoy it with a delicious Orange Cake and Chocolate Mousse. This one paired with the dessert was one of the best, because of the 18’s spice notes and a hint of orange; it simply compliments the spirit so well!

Since we can’t travel yet, it’s nice to know that you too, even in your own home can virtually transport yourself to Scotland through your tasting glass. If you want to make it a true NYC evening, in your own home, pick up the 12, and the 18 and order yourself a steak and some sides, and see what your favorite pairing is! In true NYC date night fashion, have yourself a cocktail first using the 12! Here’s a great recipe using the Glendronach 12.

Blood & Sand Cocktail: 

1oz Glendronach 12

1 oz Blood Orange Juice

3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth

1/2oz Cherry Heering

Method: Shaken very well served over a large ice cube with Luxardo Cherry garnish

Stay healthy and safe.