IMG_5309To celebrate the collaboration between Les Vignobles André Lurton and Michel Rolland, Sommelier’s, Wine Writers, and Wine Industry professionals dined at Daniel. We sampled a selection of newly released Lurton wines as well as rare older vintages!

Who are André and Michel? André Lurton: is a French winemaker and winery owner of Vignobles André Lurton. The André Lurton group of Bordeaux wine estates is mostly owned by him and his children and has an annual production of around four million bottles! In collaboration is Michel Rolland, who is an influential Bordeaux-based oenologist, 10205298with hundreds of clients across 13 countries and influencing wine style around the world.

One sunny afternoon at Restaurant Daniel (one of the fine dining top restaurants in NYC) we sat down for an incredible Bordeaux luncheon with Michel Rolland and select wine industry writers, sommeliers, and masters sommelier’s. Guests were greeted with a glass of Château Bonnet Blanc 2015 and some pair-able light bites which made for a lovely mingling session before the big Bordeaux tasting. The Bonnet Blanc is a blend of Sémillon, Muscadelle, and Sauvignon Blanc. Bonnet is in Entre Deux-Mers (wine region in Bordeaux). The Sémillon is quiet but present in the aromas and flavors, while the Muscadelle is the power and the Sauvignon Blanc is felt at the end; it’s truly a lovely wine!

IMG_5315As we entered the private dining area for the luncheon, a sea of glasses filled the tables, and we new we were about to embark on a delicious and historic journey. Maine Lobster Salad with Satur Farms Roasted Beets, a Duo of Aged Black Angus Beef: Red Wine braised Short Ribs with Carrot Gratin and a Seared Rib Eye with Pommes Duchesse and Shallot Confit were the first two courses.

The Wines

Château Bonnet Rogue 2012

Château de Rochemorin Rogue 2012

Château de Rochemorin Rogue 2001

Château La Louvière Rogue 2012

Château La Louvière Rogue 2010 

Château La Louvière Rogue 1986

IMG_5316For those of you who know Bordeaux, you know this was a very special tasting. Not only were we sipping the last of the 1986 Château La Louvière, but we were tasting some other amazing vintages in Bordeaux. The Bonnet Rogue 2012 changes in the glass and opens up beautifully, which makes the earthy flavor of the beets really stand out when paired with this terroir driven red wine. The lobster added nice textural balance and paired really well with the Château de Rochemorin Rogue 2012. The Rochemorin is a very seductive wine with a lot of power, oak, and sour cherry. Certainly a food wine, in which the mild lobster complimented very well.

With the duo of aged Black Angus beef, the Château de Rochemorin Rogue 2001, Château La Louvière 2012 and the 2010 paired beautifully. The beef was cooked to a perfect medium rare which is always a compliment to smoke, chocolate, and spice driven Bordeaux’s with great power, balance, and smooth tannins. 2010 is the best vintage in Bordeaux! The 2010’s are still compact and closed with aging potential, but absolutely drink-able now. Lurton and Rolland have a goal to make wine that is wonderful to drink now and later, which is hard but achievable. They have certainly achieved it with Château Bonnet, which IMG_5318meets the supple and easy going drinkers palate. For those who don’t enjoy the spicy, earthy Bordeaux’s, Bonnet is fruit forward, dry, and complex Bordeaux at an affordable price.

One of the star’s of the tasting: Château La Louvière 1986 paired with the sweetest course. This special wine paired beautifully with Peruvian Dark Chocolate- Espelette Crémeux, Cocoa Moelleux, and Blackberry- Orange Blossom Sorbet. The dessert itself was a winner, but when paired with this smooth aged wine it was simply stunning. The wine is fruit forward with smoke, spice notes, mellow tannins that come from the age of the wine As a wine ages the tannins really mellow out and you will notice the wine to be lighter in color or more of a brick red, as opposed to dark ruby, purple, or bright red as a young wine.

You don’t be afraid of Bordeaux! The Château Bonnet retails for around $20 per bottle and is a great wine to enjoy with friends. Please pair responsibly.