This September the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival had its annual grand tasting where food and booze lovers from all over came out to taste, sip, and celebrate another great year! This is now an annual event for me, which I always enjoy. The festival never gets old but does get pretty crowded now that the word has spread about this fantastic daytime event with an evening concert. If you get there when it start’s however, you will be safe and can hit the Stella Bar, which I highly recommend starting with. A good Stella Cidre always is a wonderful way to begin the event, plus with the intensely hot September, we just had it was the perfect refresher.

After a glass of cider and a pint of beer, it’s always good to hit the top restaurant tables first so you have fewer lines to fight. This year there were a bunch of new vendors including Dig Inn, Flinders Lane, and plenty of delicious Greenwich restaurants. After a few bites, I attended the Ruffino Wine seminar, which was led by their charismatic¬†brand manager who walked us through six wines including a Prosecco, Ros√©, Pinot Grigio, and some Chianti. I find the seminars are always fun when you find the right food and beverage focused one, plus it’s a great way to sit down and enjoy some wines!

The entire day is filled with tastings after tastings, and for first-timers, it can be a bit overwhelming, but I promise you… its worth it. Later in the afternoon, the Casino opens and this year there was a cocktail competition going on inside the tent. This was a fun competition where four bartenders made their specialty cocktail in hopes to receive the peoples choice for the best cocktail. Between the seminars, competitions, and vendors, it can be quite a day. If you do decide to go, however, make sure you stick around and pace yourself for the Burger Battle and BBQ Battle which both are insanely delicious and worth the lines!

What I enjoy most about the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival is that it is small yet active and has a lot to offer. Every year is different, yet you are still able to navigate your way around and it never becomes too overwhelming. There’s something for everyone here at the GWFF and if you haven’t been already, next year should be your year to go!