IMG_8344Crown Royal, a well known and loved whisky recently hit the whisky market with an Apple flavor. Whiskey Master Stephen Wilson took us on a wonderfully delicious journey to explore just what this apple flavor has to offer us whisky lovers.

For those who are new to whisky and or are easing into loving it like many do, its always great to start with a flavored whisky. This makes it smoother and easier for a new palate to handle. You still taste all the wonderful characters of Crown Royal, however there is a striking nose of fresh and vibrant Apple (no fake flavors or additions in this whisky).

Crown Royal Regal Apple blends well into cocktails and is hot, hot, hot for all seasons. Just think, with winter still here the Crown Apple Highball is one cocktail that will warm you right up. This cocktail combines Crown Apple, Bitters, Ginger Ale, and Apples.


IMG_8339“This drink is Simple, sweet, and slightly seductive”.¬†






Be sure to keep an eye out for more recipes involving Crown Apple on the site. My head is swirling with so many ideas on how to incorporate Crown Apple into many dishes, drinks, and sauces.

Crown Royal Regal Apple is $24.99/bottle and comes in a variety of sizes. Be sure to check your favorite wine and spirits store for a bottle near you!